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2003 Avalon Front Door Panel Removal

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I need to replace the passenger side mirror on our 2003 avalon but I cannot figure out how to remove the door panel. I removed the four screws on the bottom of the door and was able to pull the lower 6 inches of the panel loose but that was as far as I got and I do want to damage the panel by pulling harder on it and then finding out there were more screws or fastners that need to be removed. Can anyone tell me how to remove the panel or where I can find instructions on the web on how to do this? Thanks in advance.
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removing Panel

Here is how I remove mine on 2004. Two push pins on outside of door. Push pin in the middle and then pry them out. Next there are two screws on the side by the hinges. Pry the covers off then use phillips screwdriver. Next you have to take the cover off the handle. there is a phillips screw in the middle that may be covered by a small square of plastic. take that out. Then get a very small flat head screw driver. On the side the handle hinges there is a catch on the top and the bottom. If you put the screwdriver on the inside of the handle and pry out, it will release the catch and you can remove. Then pry out the handle assembly. There is a phillips screw underneath in the middle that must be removed. There is a wire harness attached to the bottom. Simply press the nob in the middle and pull this off. Then take of the screws on the bottom of the door. I have 3. Now simply lift up to get the panel out of the door track. Do not pull it away as there is one more wire harness connector for the light on the bottom of the door that you must disconnect.

Hope this helps.
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Old thread, I know. This is for future reference...
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