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2003 Corolla LE Starting Problems

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I have a 2003 Corolla and I am having trouble starting when it's hot, sometimes when I re-fuel, and it only happens intermittently. There are periods when it won't happen at all. I have the "Haynes Repair Manual" and have checked/changed Air filter(s), the fuel lines, and battery connections and have found no problems. The problem has been occuring for the past year, so at this point I've changed the battery, spark plugs, Air filter(s), and Fuel filter (fun to change). At this point I am leaning towards the fuel pump, although, it does on occasion start fine so it may not be it. the starting solenoid may be a problem although I'd rather check my options before I start spend a lot of money for the repair. The engine does rotate and it seems the starter isn't getting fuel, so that is why I changed the fuel filter. If I don't turn the engine over the first time, I'll wait and try a few times. It usually starts by the 3rd time. If anyone has suggestions it would be helpful.
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Try turning your key to on, wait 2 seconds, then turn to start, see if that helps.
Ok lets clear this up a bit please. When you turn the key the car starter works but the motor will not start? The starter just turns over and over and over with the motor not catching?
The engine turns as the starter tries to initiate the start process, it seems as though the pressure it not developed once i re-fuel. Do you think that the pressure regulator may be the problem?
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