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I have a 2003 echo and its slowly reaching 100k. The car has been working great and I've just done the basic maintenance since I got it at 75k, which includes oil changes, checking fluids/tires/brakes, etc. As I get closer to that 100k, should I consider doing any additional maintenance? Some stuff I have been thinking about: change air/fuel filter, spark plugs, injectors, flush transmission/radiator. The car has been running great and I don't want to do something that may make things worse. Any suggestions?

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It's hard to make an accurate assessment without knowing the vehicle maintenance history. If I were you and there is no maintenance log of past services I would perform the following

Replace the coolant and thermostat
Drain and refill trans fluid
Inspect Air Filter - replace as necessary
Replace PCV valve (OEM recommended)
Replace spark plugs
Inspect belts - replace as necessary
Inspect radiator/heater hoses - replace as necessary
Inspect battery terminals for corrosion - clean if needed.

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Me too! 2003 Echo just turned 100K

Timely thread.

My Echo just turned 100k and I've got it up in my garage now.

I plan to:
. drain/refill coolant
. inspect the PCV valve
. replace disc and pads on the front
. replace shoes on the back

I would like to (but will take to a mechanic for lack of my own time):
. inspect timing chain
. check valve clearance

I drained and refilled the ATF about 10k miles ago. Serpentine belt was replaced about that same time. Very recently replaced air filter.

I bought a toyota service manual online, but unfortunately it doesn't have a service schedule in it. I'll search around on this site as I would imagine it exists here somewhere.

fasteddie, Please let me know what you end up doing with your Echo. I'll do the same.

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