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2003 Rear Drum Brake Job

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7/32" or 5/16" spring kit? The guy at AutoZone asked and I had no clue. I know my Corolla is NUMMI-made in California, but I haven't been able to scrape up an official verdict on which springs to use.
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Never heard of such a thing, but it looks like US and Japan built cars used different width shoes.

One had 1 7/32" wide shoes and the other had 1 5/16" wide shoes.

Don't know which country of origin had the bigger brakes though.

Napa lists the hardware kit by country of manufacture but doesn't list the size.
On a related note, how much time should I allot for a rear brake job, and should I just replace the drum rotors or reuse them? I don't anticipate them being in bad shape, but for the ~$60 it might cost me, is it worth just replacing them while I've got everything disassembled?

Also, should I anticipate having to bleed the system when I'm finished?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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