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2003 Sienna

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2003 Sienna owners and gas mileage

hello, I have searched the internet High and low to find out some questions I have had for a few days. I recently started looking at a 2003 sienna LE to buy. One of the main issues I have is Gas mileage. I get out and set the cruise usually to around 78mph. I am wanting some real feedback from real owners of the ( 2003 ) version of the Sienna as to what kind of gas mileage they get (Real time) calculated from gallons / miles by a calculator and not by an overhead computer. Im in oklahoma so usually my roads are flat with some small hills. I need to know what kind of gas mileage to expect.. city / highway and highway alone. How many miles per tank city / highway and highway alone. Also, how dependable is the vehicle? Do you like it? Do you have any problems mechanical with it? Ty in advance your responses are very much appreciated.
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we have a 2002 van, best vehicle we have ever owned.
should be the same for the 2003, model change in 2004

we get 18-19 around town
24-25 on road,

she always runs the mid grade fuel
we have 110K miles, van still runs great

i would recommend this vehicle
Thank your for the reply. I went ahead and bought this van. It has 73000 original miles on it. As of right now, I love it! It was between this 03 sienna and a 06 freestar. I am soo happy I didn't choose the freestar now. Hopefully, It will not give me any trouble.
I'm glad you chose the Toyota over the Ford.

Hope you have as good of luck with yours are we have.

I would try to determine the past maintenance records on the van. Have the motor oil changed soon if you can not determine the last oil change.

I had the coolant system flushed and transmission flushed at 60K on our van.

At 90K they recommend a timing belt, plugs, pvc plug and drive belts be replaced.

I also put a can of seafoam in fuel tank about twice a year, (just me) but it seams to keep fuel system clean, you never know what you get from the fuel stations today.

good luck,
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thanks for the replies, Luckily this guy kept every piece of paper he had regarding the maintenance on this vehicle. It looks like a small novel lol. So far, Im loving it. I managed 24 miles a gallon on a long trip. To me thats pretty good for a mini van. He also told me he used 10w 30 in it which is heavier than what it "should" have in it. My next oil change will be 5w 30 like its supposed to be and I bet it can do a little better than 24. ty again for your replies
Great van. Smooth comfortable relaxing Highway cruiser (for a minivan)
About 25 on the Highway cruise set at 75ish with 2 adults 2 kids and full travel gear (bags DVD's Cooler etc) more MPG when empty of course.
About 15 in the City.
You may get even better by switching to synthetic 5W30 and synth tranny fluid if you drive alot.

Problems: Rear Pass door hard to open. O2 sensor under the drivers seat ($70 from EBAY)
Only thing I don't like is that it has no center console.
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