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2003 Toyota Camry. 4Cylinder won't start.

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Hi everyone. I'm trying to become more self-sufficient and work on my own vehicles.this is great stuff to learn but I am making quite a few mistakes along the way. I wanted to see if maybe someone out there can help guide me in the right direction.

I have a 2003 Toyota Camry. I bought it from a friend. It ran great until suddenly one day it began to sputter while idling. The code P0302 popped up indicating that cylinder 2 is misfiring. I changed all the spark plugs and coils as they were old. It mostly worked except it continued to idle a little rough.

I thought maybe it could be an airflow issue as I had opened the air filter to change out the cam sensor as well and noticed that the filter was dirty.

In order to test this I stupidly pulled the MAF sensor out while the car was running and the car completely shut off.

I tried to turn it on again and now it won't even start. 3 more codes popped and they were these (P0102, P0113, P0101). Did I completely mess up my car? Am I able to fix this easily? I will replace the air filter next, but are there any suggestions out there that I can maybe try?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and help a rookie out.
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I replaced the air filter and deleted the codes, let it rest 2 days, and turned it on. Back to normal, no idling issues.
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