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Hello everybody,

I have a 2003 Toyota Tundra TRD package. Currently it runs flawlessly in every way but one.....

When I engage 4-Hi on our snowy/icey roads here in Alaska everything works properly until I take my foot off the gas. There is a soft whine or humming sound that sounds like high rpms when iyou are shifting down to second or low going down a steep mountain road. This whine happens only when I take my foot off the gas and immediately goes away once I accelerate or shift back into 2wd. This sound does not occur when I am in 4-lo just 4-hi. Sound is definitely coming from the front.

The whine doesn't sound like any metal is grinding and there are no pops or bangs whatsoever just this high-pitched humming. 4-hi still works the way it should and disengages properly.
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