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In 2014 Oct I purchased front struts- Blue Tokico from Toyota Dealer in Brighton, MA. But less than 8 starting to see my truck not performing well, creating lot of bouncing through small rough roads. Later, the tech told me, struts were bad. So I went to NTB, have all tires to be check, later conclusion from tech that bad struts. I got manager at parts Dealer ordered new set from the original invoice. That was Blue Tokico. But when I picked up the new Tokico- it were black. Not Blue Tokico. I asked why Black Tokico? Where is the Blue Tokico? Parts department told me Toyota changed parts and or alternated parts. Should this be same as the Blue Tokico?

Does anyone from Toyota: Dealer, user, tech, know if this is true? God, I hate to installed then know it is not the right one. Why Black Tokico???

2003, Tundra, T-3
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