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2004 Avalon XLS w/JBL System Wire/Amp Bypass Questions

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I am replacing the factory speakers and amplifier(s) in my new Avalon with Zapco amps and Diamond Audio separates and I am trying to find out any information that will allow me to get a RCA level out of the factory radio.

I have looked all around the web and the Avalon seems to be one of the cars that there is not much information on or at least the aftermarket companies don’t think it is worth making upgrade parts for.

I do see other Toyota cars that have amp bypass kits available? Will these work with the Avalon, I would think the parts would be used in more than one model.

Thanks for the help.
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You can buy high level to RCA converters mostly anywhere; radio shack even. Then you take the factory wires going to the speakers (or to the stock amp; which will bypass the stock amp) and then RCA to your new amplifier) But thats a pain.

I know the avalon isn't that great for aftermarket HU's, but that'd probably be the best solution
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