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2004 Camry interior accessory:

I'm looking for an interior "console" cover or lid for the open tray just forward of the gear shift lever, and below the "cigarette lighter" power outlet.

I don't know if one is even made.

But the open tray gets very trashy and I would like to have a lid for it.

The Honda Accord has a lid for this area and it is very classy.

Does Toyota or the after dealer market have anything like this?
If so where can I get it?

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Just put an LCD screen there!

Actually, in all seriousness, I'll likely get one of the cover assemblies from an 05 to cover my screen (which is mounted there) just to give it the stock-when-thieves-glance-into-my-car look. I agree, though. The little cubby there just didn't look right without a cover over it.
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