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2004 control arm echo

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Hopefully someone can clear up some confusion I have about the suspension of my car, it's a 2004 Toyota Echo Sedan with a front driver side rear control bushing that is worn out. It seems to be nearly impossible to get just the bushings, I need to buy the control arm. Problem is my mechanic seems to think at least locally, I'll need to buy one from our local Toyota dealer no after market parts. Their quote $388 Canadian! Now I've seen parts online like "NEW FRONT LOWER LEFT CONTROL ARM, COMPLETE WITH BALL JOINT AND BUSHINGS" but most of the time the site say's the part will only fit a 2000-2003. Can anyone confirm whether or not that will fit my car, I'm not really into cars that much, but someone here probably knows the difference in echo suspensions over the years. Also... I'f anyone can suggest some more places to get the part that would be great as well.
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I have one for $352.40 Cdn. listing is 2003/05 up to 2005 I've seen Jobber for around $100.00 try 1800-561-2554
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