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2004 LC Timing belt replacement

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I am coming up on 90k miles on my 2004 Land Cruiser and I believe that is the time the timing belt needs to be replaced. I would like to do this myself. Has anyone done this and have instructions on how to do so?

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If you PM me your email address I can send you some instructions from the FSM. I don't know if it is complete but may give you something to start with.
Replacement Part

In line with this question, what are the best brands to buy for the timing belt/water pump replacement. I've looked on-line and there are so many different "OE" quality brands that it's hard to figure out which ones are the quality brands. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.:thanks:
I recommend going online to your local Toyota dealer and order via 'internet pricing" which is a sizeable discount and will put the part close to aftermarket parts price-wise. I suggest trying to replace with OE parts if possible.

The 4.7 is considerably more difficult than a 4 cylinder timing belt fyi, the FSM would be a good reference point to work from.
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