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Well today I had the privelage of a putting a Remote Start/Alarm system on a 2004 Nissan Maxima! (What a pain in the ass that was!)

It's common to Run your Lock/Unlock wires to the module inside the drivers side door... Well I found a way around that and it works GREAT!

At the BCM there is a 40 pin white plug. When you're looking at the plug you'll notice that in one corner there are 2 pins with no wires, those are pins 1 and 2.

Counting to the left you'll come to another pin with no wire, (pin 11) this is your (-) lock pin on the BCM.

Strip off about 1/2" of insulation on the alarms (-) lock wire and stuff it into the pin 11 hole so it makes contact with the actual BCM pin.

Counting to the left 3 more spots you will come to pin 14 which is your (-) unlock pin. Do the same as above and program your alarm for a double unlock pulse, otherwise it will only disarm the factory alarm system and turn the domelights on with 1 pulse.

And that it!!!! Hope this is helpfull to the next victim of an 04 Maxima!
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