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2004 Sequoia help

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I am trying to put a trailer hitch on my Sequoia. I bought the hitch no problem but I cannot get the wiring harness. I called my Toyota dealer and they said they cannot order it and the only way to get the harness is to have it installed at the factory. I call all the hitch companies and they say I need to get a special wiring harness from Toyota. This is insane. I am on the wild goose chase. My Sequoia is already wired with the electrical connections under the truck by the spare. The only piece I need is an extension cable that plugs into the existing connection. I could just direct wire the connections to the existing plug but I think that defeats the purpose of Toyota installing a preinstalled electrical connection. Any suggestions?
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Hey you can get the harness from your dealer, it is a ready available part that if its not in stock at the dealerhip can be ordered and in your hands in a blink of an eye. Here is the part number and the price. If you have any problems ordering it, give me a call and I can ship one out to you.

Part# 00016-0C211-02
Price: 34.44
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