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2004 Sienna Coolant leak near Oil Filter

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Hey, everyone. I just joined and this is my first post. I've got a 2004 Sienna LE, 3.3L that has developed a coolant leak. It's coming from a plate just to the left of the oil filter. I'm going to be flushing the coolant as soon as the weather warms up and I'm wondering what the heck this plate is. I'm thinking I can just take it loose, clean the surfaces and use high temp RTV as a gasket. Anyone have different advice? See the photo below.

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Not sure why the plate is there. It seals off the coolant.

If the plate is heavy enough to bolt up without bending the RTV would be OK (there would be no gaps). If a thin sheet plate that might bend and have gaps would suggest making a gasket out of gasket material (a type of paper material autoparts sell).
Sealer is fine on that, If you have ever considered a block heater they go in place of that plate.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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