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Here is a message that I send to Toyota Customer Support. Any commendts from this group.

I just purchased a new 2004 Toyota Sienna LE AWD. My dealer in Johnstown Pa. advised me to contact Bridgstone concerning any question about the run flat tires. To my surprise none of the Bridgstone dealers within 100 miles sell or service the run flat tires. Also at those places (very far away) that do have the tires, they are all on several days backorder. It appears that if I get a flat, I can run it for 150 miles, but it would be 3 days to a week to get a replacement tire.

My questions are:

1. Is Toyota aware of this situation and are there any plans to help owners of 2004/2005 Siennas.

2. My feeling now is that I would like to have a spare even if I have to put it in a tire bag in the passenger compartment. I knew that the AWD did not have a spot for the spare, so I can’t complain about that. Even if I just have any ordinary rim with a standard tire that would be ok. But my dealer does not list an ordinary rim. What are Toyota’s recommendations?

Secondly, I have noted that there is no warning when the head lights are left on when the key is turned off and the door opened. My dealer thought the lights would turn off automatically at some point. However this only appears to be an option in the XLE. If this is correct, it will be the first car I have owned in 20 years that does not warn you when the lights are left on.

Thanks for any suggestions that you have

Don Hazle
Port Matilda, Pa.
[email protected]
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