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2004 tacoma 2.4

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am trying to ck out my sad fuel mileage on this new to me tacoma so was gonna pull a plug and see what if----can't reach it w/tools tht i could pull on my 99 taco!!!!!!!!!!! plug wires are different too:confused:
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We need more details. Std or auto? Larger rims/tires? Std cab or Xtra? What mileage are you getting? I have a 2004, 2.4, Xtracab, 5spd, stock steel rims and tire size. My ScanGauge says I do 24-26mpg if I go easy on it. I have almost hit 400 miles on a full tank of gas. One day I will carry a can and see how far I actually can go, I bet I could do the whole 400.
04 taco plugs

2.4 , 5spd, 2 wd.... tires are 1/2" diameter over stock and a/t ----if u read the post b 4 about mileage it's me------going from a 99 to 04 same vehicle cept tires----wanted to ck out the plugs to see if they had been replaced---has 44k mis on it.....reg cab....22 mpg
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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