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Two years ago, a friend of mine installed an Alpine Stereo and IPOD interface for me, but it broke recently. I kept the original factory stereo, so today we put it back in and installed a different IPOD interface that works with the factory stereo. However, the stereo won't turn on, even without the new IPOD interface installed. The display stays blank when we hit the Power button and hitting any of the buttons on the panel (CD, FM, etc.) has no effect. When we put the bigger plug into the back of the stereo, the CD motor makes a short whirring noise, like it is getting power. We plugged the old Alpine stereo back in just to test, and it still turns on. Everything else in the accessories panel works (fan, defrost, A/C, clock, hazards, etc.). In addition, if we plug in the IPOD, we can hear it through the speakers, but of course can't adjust the volume via the stereo. Does anyone have any ideas what's wrong here?
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