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2004 V6 Camry SE Mntc Reqd?

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Can anyone help me out, my camry is flashing a mntc reqd light alaready at 4,640 miles. So far I've got the oil changed and that's it and that was last week at 3,600 miles. My wife and I took a weekend trip from Kc to South Dakota last weekend. Any help is appreciated-Thanks

BTW- The light flashes a few times at startup and once I put it into drive it goes away.
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Look in the owner's manual. It should tell you how to reset it.
you'll have to reset it. That shouldn't be happening though...:confused:
hey, i've had this happen to me before. it just means u need to change your oil soon, or if u have, just do this. put the key in the ignition (dont turn it yet), press the odometer /trip reset button down and hold it (right by odometer), then turn the key to on(but dont start it) then give it a min and all the lights will turn on and then one by one go off and your odometer will show 0 then your mileage. after that u will be good to go and u only have to do that after you change your oil.
Thanks for the response I'll try it tonight- Has anybody ever noticed an awful smell coming from the engine like sulfur it usually happens whenever I accelerate quickly. Somebody told me it might be my cat converter not working properly.
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