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2005 4runner Assistance

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I recently bought a 2005 4Runner Limited. I decided to replace the factory stereo. All is well on that front but I didnt take notice prior to doing this if the following are true:

- Does the information center (time/temp/mpg) have a backlight so that you can read the display at night? All my buttons surrounding this are lit up, but I cant see the time/temp.

- Do the Window up/down buttons light up when the headlights are on?

Neither of these light up for me and I didnt pay enough attention to them to even know if they are supposed to and I want to make sure I didnt blow a fuse or pull a wire out of place that I didnt intend to.

If they are supposed to light up - can anyone help point me to where I need to go investigate?

Thanks for your time.
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For sure the window up/down switches are NOT lighted. My computer readout is lighted orange at night and is readable. I'll look at it again tonight.
Thanks for checking! I hope its something simple like a bulb or something that I can change easily. Keep me posted!
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