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Hi there:
just sharing the experience of dropping the transfluid pan to change filter. Car has 233K miles; reason was it started to slip.
First opened fill bolt (24mm) to make sure we can go there; then drained fluid - nothing really bad; just dark, but still good with low viscosity.
so off with the pan (i highly recommend to soak the 20 bolts from the top where they have a through-holen with some PB blaster... you will be rewarded later on when bolts come out easy...
pan was nice and clean with some metal debris on the 4 magnets, nothing unusual though. Filter also had some grey metal ... visible filter area looked good.
Cleaned everything good (gasket came off very easy in one piece! great toyota quality); had measured the drained fluid about 4.5 qts. installed new filter and clean pan; took it easy on the 20 bolts (had cleaned their threads with wire brush);... filled 5 qts. Got car off the ramps, ran engine after going through all gears in idle for warm=up (about 110F); then opened the overflow plug (the one with 5mm Allen), a little stream came out but stopped within less than 1 minute; closed it - test drive - AOK .. so far so good.
Checking for leaks tomorrow just to be sure. All in all I really like this 4runner.... even though it rusts up quite a bit down there. Would buy one again.
Officially we are going for 300K now...Have fun.
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