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2005 Camry Pics

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Sorry if this is a repost....

Toyota has posted a few 2005 Camry pictures on their site,

Just follow the usual promps to get to the Camry section, and click on pics and colors.

I like the new front end, but I really don't care for the new tails.

The 17 inch wheels look nice too, as does the slightly redone dash lights and lower console.

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Thanks :thumbup: :eek:
the new Camry looks good :D :thumbup:
its getting released in Aus, in August from what Toyota told me. :)
thats a good thing, because im needing to get a new car sooner or later, because my 94 is going to eventually fall apart :lol:

holy moly there's so many circles in the headlights... :eek: kinda reminds me of an angry spider waiting to eat someone.
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hmmm.... really doesnt look very different to me, i guess thats to be expected in jus an update.

At work we're doin stuff on the Commodore VZ update (still!), its all essentially the same
Things that are different, for those who think they are pretty much the same

front bumper
fog lights
wheels and tires
steering wheel (different style with audio control)
optitron meters

Only things I wish I had were the optitron and the new steering wheel. :(
I think for the headlights, they made the outside amber just the parking light, and the inside just the turn signal, or vice versa.

was i close or what.?

anyway, it's beautiful..:eek:

good job, toyota.:thumbup:
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finally!! the grill is soo much nicer!

i've always disliked the first grill design.. just looked bad
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For a while I was hating on the new camry's, but that new one just looks way better than the current one. The subtle update goes a long way. Looks way better than the Honda Accord now too.

Oooh, and 17' wheels too!!!
All the gen5's should have come like that. Toyota certainly redeemed themselves with the gen5.5 :thumbup:

head lites are awesome
tail lights are alrite
i like the fog lites on mine better...
I personally think it gives a more aggressive look... they made the front bumper very bold compared to the smooth and boring one.
The kit I have would look funny on that though because of the shape of the lower bumper.
What do you guys think of the steering wheel and the extra piece in the lower dash???

Steering wheel doesn't look as sporty (celica steering wheel) as the previous models but still gives a luxurious look. As for the extra piece, finally... i hated that empty space there...


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the new camry looks way better in and out.:thumbup: :)
looks nice, i like the GPS:thumbup:
That shit is pimp:thumbup:
sweet-- 10x better than the earlier gen5s:thumbup:
Razo-E said:

was i close or what.?

anyway, it's beautiful..:eek:

good job, toyota.:thumbup:
dang that's pretty darn crazy:lol:
I woudn't dish out the gen5 (as it was nice for its time as well)..but gen 5.5 is a nice update to gen5. I like it two thumbs up! :thumbup: :thumbup:
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