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2005 Camry Pull to left (slight), Change Camber/Spring?

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Hi all, I realize that there is a bulletin out there to either change the camber setting/change front coil springs for certain Camry/Avalon/Solara producted between 04 & 05. I looked at the VIN# & my car falls within.

To correct the problem, would you suggest have the camber changed (by my trusty aligment shop) or have the spring replaced. One of my buddy afraid the local dealer may mess up the procedure (loss of paint on spring, supension parts, etc...) so he opted to have the camber adjusted (more positive on the left side) - it fixed the problem. My car rides fine other than the slight correction of steering wheel on the left lane...

Any suggestions/comments? Thanks in advance,

BTW: I plan to get this done right before 36K.

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WHy would you want to pay for something taht will be covered by the Factory warranty. IF there is a TSB on it then Toyota is probably doing the procedure several times a week and will know exactly waht to do. If you end up having to change out the springs it will not be cheap.
Car pulling to one side is usually caused by wrong castor angle. But in most toyotas, camber and castor is not adjustable, only toe-in. You can buy a camber kit to make your camber adjustable, but it may not help your pulling problem. Changing suspension parts may be the only way to fix your problem.
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