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2005 Camry XLE Transmission noise

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I started hearing noise coming from my 2005 camry (55k miles) while driving this week. It sure sounded like wheel bearings, but I could not really hear it at higher speeds. I can really only hear it at about 20-45 MPH.

So I took it to the shop and the mechanic said it sounds like the noise is coming from the transmission, and that the wheel bearings are fine. He said he checked the fluid and it looked great, and that it shifted very well.

He recommended that I try giving the dealership a call as they are more familiar with the vehicle than he was. I'll give them a call next week, but I'm hoping some of you folks might have some insight for me.

Well thanks!
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2005. That's still a very new car if you ask me.

What I would do is process of elimination:

1 if you coast at that speed on Neutral does it make the sound

2 have you tried swapping the wheels around.

3 CV joints maybe but I may be wrong here.

Unless the tranny has been abused or its a defect, it shoulnt go at this early. If if you have not maintained the tranny since day one, it shouldnt go at this point, provided its not a defective tranny.

Do all the simple testing yourself first?
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Ok, I will definitely try out 1 and 2. Easy enough.

The tranny was not abused at all fortunately, but like you say, it still could be defective.

At this point, I feel the noise is too loud to be nothing. Something is wrong, just don't know what.
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