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My mother recently passed away and I was given her car to get to work for the winter.
First thing I did was completely strip the entire interior down to bare metal and CLEAN IT!
Just saying... Ew. (She had dogs) lol

I took out most of the dash and discovered that there was no cabin air filter... Probably hasn't had one in years!

Anyway... Take apart, clean, put back together... Simple process but...

Next morning I drove five hours North in a snow storm through the rocky mountains to visit my dad and there is NO heat!
I'm still thawing out.

I checked the pipes from the engine into the heat system and they are hot so I don't suspect the issue is there.

I did leave out the plastic vent tubes that run from under the dash to under the seats because they are seriously gross and I want to clean them.

Could they have a sensor or is there a backpressure related sensor that requires those to work?

Could be the mixer valve... No idea what that looks like or how it works.

Most likely I may have messed up something small under the dash when I removed and put it back...

I can't find a whole lot of ideas online about this and I live in the middle of frozen nowhere so have to get it fixed.

Any thoughts or ideas would REALLY help thanks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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