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2005 HL Cracked Grill - Good Substitute???

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A small mishap ended up with the side piece of my 2005 HL's grill being cracked. Is there a chrome covered (plastic) version of this part used for a different year or model?

Had planned to replace with a used one from a local wrecking yard with the same color paint but I was thinking that something in chrome would look good too!

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I have seen chrome overlays for the horizontal grille slats that surround he Toyota emblem but these overlay grills I have seen only cover the inside part and do not extend out wide enough to cover the large vertical part of the front fascia on yours that is actually cracked. You may have to get a new part at Toyota, or search junkyards. You migh also be able to glue up and patch that broken part and repaint and reinstall - not sure if that would be worth the effort - depends on expense I guess.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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