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2005 Hub Caps

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I have lost one of my hub caps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone have any hub caps to fit a 2005 Echo with 14" rims
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I have my 4 from my 2004 hatch. I bagged them when they were new don't know what they look like but your welcome to them for 20 if that's OK.
Awesome, I will take them. How can I get them. Where is Orono. I live in Brantford.
Can we meet on Saturday???:clap:
Was that $20 each?as 4 new factory hubcaps gonna set you back close to $40 each.. Vic how do you like em?:chug:
Soloecho2 met with me and my wife and he sold me the hub caps. When I got home I fitted one and it looked great.

Thank you Soloecho2.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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