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2005 Tacoma Availability

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2005 Tacomas' are beginning to show up on the allocation sheets. But, I hear they're not done with the 2004s' yet.

Does anyone know when the 2005s' will start being built and when they are scheduled to be dlivered to dealers?

I'm guessing early November. Thanks.
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The 05's are being built right now. The first floor models should be out to dealers in the next few weeks. I think dealers need to get rid of their remaining 04 stock first.
Thanks Low. That's my understanding too. 04s' still on the lot.

My dealer shows two recent 05' allocations.

I'm on a remote ranch. The truck is for my wife and we need the electric shift on the fly 4 x 4 transfer case. Am trying to find out what the packages contain vs ordering it as an option.
Ours is supposed to be in the first week November.
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