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2005 Tacoma Pic

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Official 2005 Tacoma Pic

New Tacoma pic
Scroll down towards the bottom. In Red. Looks VERY nice.

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Ack, they made it look like the Chevy Avalanche. Not for me.
Great Forum Everyone

I really like the 05' remake. I am replacing my wife's Tacoma in October.

Does anyone have insights to the order package and trim options. Available in October. Order book open in September?

I think it looks nice but I think I would have to poke around it in person to see if I would like it. Can't wait to get my hands on an x-runner though :D
That thing is looks like a truck that wants to be an SUV....

The 80's are my favorite styling decade...

can you say "X runner"..?:D
Looks pretty sweet:thumbup: I'd go with a extended cab, not the double cab. I just hope that there will be some good mods for V6.
There will be a trd supercharger for the 4.0 v6. Probably exhaust and brake options soon after it comes out too.
Now I'm very very happy that I got away with an '04 before this new '05 model... I'm not liking it at all.... we'll see when I can see one in person.
I wonder what the footprint on that thing is. It looks much bigger that it's predecessor. It almost looks as big as a Tundra.

I luv it btw. That skidplate is just screamming to be tossed on some rocks :cool:
I'll keep my 03 PreRunner!!!! However, putting nice meaty tires and wheels on any truck will make it look better.
Its not bad, I personally like my truck better, but after that truck is out for like a year, I will probably think my truck looks outdated. It sure has some big wheels! They look like maybe 18's or something.....
looks too much like the colorado. personally i like the 2000-2004 models
M3Man said:

Good find. I think that's my next vehicle.
i like.. looks like it has an mixture of nissan titan with it
i liked the x-runner, it may have just been the color that lured me in. i love the tacoma so much its going to take more than the fact it reminds me of the new dodge headlights to not like the rest of the truck. i dont know why everybody likes the way the dodges look, i mean its like somebody took the old dodge, ran straight into a wall, photoshopped it a bit and spit out the new dodge. overall, i like the new tacoma, bigger, better, and more power than before :D :D :D
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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