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2005 TACOMA trouble

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hi guys,

First post on this site and it's a trouble shooting question go figure.

Seems my truck is not running right, I can drive it like a grandma it drives ok, but the moment I try to accelerate at a normal rate I lose the gas pedal and the truck stalls out. The truck will sit there after for about 5-10min before it will start again. Rinse and repeat.

I took it to a Toyota dealrship only to have them say the scan shows nothing wrong..... then i took it to my friend at Midas and the scanned saying the PCM needed to be reprogrammed. Took it back to Toyota and they said there is no such reprogram for a PCM....

Before I got ahead and start replacing everything, is there something that i should look at first.

Already replaced

-all o2 sensors
-air filter

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More info on your truck, mileage, etc. may help.
just over 80k

2005 quad cab v6
Check the fuel pump. They've been known to go out/get clogged early.
just over 80k

2005 quad cab v6

Seafoam the gas tank then see where that gets you. If not you may have to Seafoam through a vacuum line.
Had same exact problem on my tacoma at 50K miles, its the FUEL PUMP!!! almost 100% sure! I replaced mine with an URD one and problem fixed!!! Just like you did i replaced the O2 sensors , spark plugs and nothing helped untill I replaced the fuel pump.
Like stated earlier, almost certain its fuel pump related.

Take back to Toyota (or your friend) and have the system pressure tested. I ran into this last week with a GMC.
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