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I would just have to say..if you've seen it and you think that it was a good choice, then good for you. But the 23k is the part I would be sketchy about before going through with it. It's a tough call, but when you drive it, you probably won't regret your decision. Have fun!!!:rolleyes:

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BadChicken said:
I think you got ripped, you can get a brand new one for around $16-$17k
no you cant. that's barely msrp on a 5spd not including dealer fee's and tax.

KBB has excellent condition 5spd no option base models listed for -
2005 w/23k $18,540
2006 w/23k $18,945

tho you can find them all day long for +/- $15,000 on any used car website. (i.e.

I got my 06 5spd for $14.3 with -17k from a private seller who was an ASE mechanic. The dealer was only gonna give him $14,250 as an out right purchase rather than a trade-in on his 07 Camry.

I don't think you got ripped off ... was it an auto? that alone will add a grand to the price.
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