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2005 Toyota Corolla LE - BFGoodrich Traction T/A T

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Shortly I am giong to have to replace the tires on my wife's 2005 corolla LE.

I did research on tire rack and thought the BFGoodrich Traction T/A T look like a great choice.

The OEM tires pretty much suck and did from day one!

Any comments or suggestions on this tire choice?

For an extra $2 they also have the BFGoodrich Traction T/A H which also seem to get great ratings.

Thanks for the advice and or comments.
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Kinda late on my reply, but yeah, I have those tires. I'm using them as for my winter set up in SoCal. I've taken them in the snow, in the dirt, and in the rain. They handle well. Since I'm in SoCal I spend more time on the dry freeways than in the snow so I have no real need for dedicated winter tires.

Since it's warming up, looks like I'll be switching back to my summer tires.

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Thanks for all the replies, I hope to buy them from tirerack in the next month or two as the OEM tires just suck major donky d_ck!

Every corolla we have owned from an 86 to the 05, the OEM tires never last more than 20k or so.

It's a cost cutting measure by toyota.
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