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2005 Toyota Corolla LE - BFGoodrich Traction T/A T

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Shortly I am giong to have to replace the tires on my wife's 2005 corolla LE.

I did research on tire rack and thought the BFGoodrich Traction T/A T look like a great choice.

The OEM tires pretty much suck and did from day one!

Any comments or suggestions on this tire choice?

For an extra $2 they also have the BFGoodrich Traction T/A H which also seem to get great ratings.

Thanks for the advice and or comments.
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I did, some people did not have good experiences with them.

I had an 86 Honda Civic SI and had put the avid t4's or h4's on them and they were pretty good.

The traction's seem to have superb ratings.
I was looking at the same BFGoodrich's for my 01 Rolla. I have a no-name (Laramie) tire on my car and the ride sucks. That little bit of snow we had in the tri-state area on Sunday night sucked to drive through on my no-name tires. My buddy (a mechanic) is trying to sell me Fusions, but they haven't been getting good reviews. Oh yeah, can I put a full size spare (steel wheel with tire) in the spare tire spot in my 01 Rolla?
Oh yeah, I got those Laramie tires for 250 all balanced and mounted. I think I know why they were so cheap, they suck.
BF Goodrich keeps a better image for me because I've been using them since I had my first car!

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The main reason I want to purchase this model tire is because on tire rack, they get awesome ratings.

I have had really good yokie's in the past but they were a tad soft.
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