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2005 with 200,965 miles& rising

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Hi all, lets see, 3 sets of tires, 40 oil changes,6 air filters & 1 brake job in 2 years & 1 month! Mattie is still running great! I love my Matrix! Just wanted to share that with someone. Take care all!!
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damn man, where all do u drive?
Dude...that mileage is quite high for 2 years. Do you ever leave your car?
I drive everywhere. Been cross country 2x, however most my driving is done in Ohio, Ky, IL, IN, PA, MI.. Mileage at 201506 now. Just hope I get it paid off before I wear it out!
believe it or not I still have time for my husband, kids & grandkids.
Wow, I thought I was driving a lot in my '05 Matrix, and I haven't even broken 30K yet! You must spend 22 hours of your day driving. ;)
Wow!!!! :eek: Are these all your miles, or did you buy it used? I have a 2005 XR that I bought used that had 8000 miles when I bought it. I thought the 5000 miles I put on it so far was alot!:rolleyes:
I bought it used with 4000 miles on it. The rest I have driven.
The 1zz is a tough engine! Congrats on your milage and if you make it to a million miles toyota might buy ya another matrix or something lol.
i know its a lil off topic but what kind of mileage are you getting with your matrix now.
on average about 31. Loaded it down when i went west this year mileage was cut back to about 21.
Wow! 8000 miles each month! Do you drive it for business? If not, there's no time left in the day for everything you listed. And oil changes every 3 weeks! How do you find the time to get it done? I gather from your nick that you do deliveries, reading a map constantly? Thought of GPS? Those things are fantastic! Busy women, I must say!
Yes I do drive for work. I usually take Sundays & Mondays off. Oil change every 2 -3 weeks. Got a deal from Monroe for 12.00 oil changes since I'm such a frequent customer. I have a GPS & it is nice, but I still prefer maps.
31 mpg? Which model Matrix do you have? I have the XR and I only get about 23-27 on mine. But that's because it's an AWD. At least that's what I was told.
I have the XR, but 2 wheel drive. The majority of my driving is on the highway.
damn, i thought i did a lot of driving, ive put close to 10k since the end of july when i bought my trix
I have on 06 matrix XR and i get anywhere from 29 to 33 miles to the gallon. and i dont drive very conservative, but i also dont go all out
proof, huh. do you live around Dayton, Ohio. if so or if you live in any of the surrounding states, chances are I'll be passing through in the next week or 2. or call joseph Airport Toyota in Vandalia, Ohio. ask for Charlie Stevens. Why would I want to lie?
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