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2006 Camry Timing Belt Question

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I recently received a service reminder to have my 60,000 service performed on my 2006 Camry LE 4cyl would I need to have my timing belt replaced? if so how expensive of a cost to have it replaced at the dealership?
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The 2.4L four-cylinder engine in your Camry has a timing chain, not a timing belt. The chain is supposed to last the life of the car. Your reminder may be a generic one, or it may be referring to the serpentine belt.
Thanks for the reply, does the timing chain ever need to be adjusted?
Unless something happens, no, the timing chain shouldn't ever need to be adjusted. At 60K miles you might want to consider a drain/refill of your transmission fluid if you haven't done it already. I've got a 2005 and I did mine at 3yr/25K miles and again at 4yr/34K miles. That might be considered excessive to some but it only takes 15 minutes including prep and clean up so I don't mind.
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