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I bought a 2006 Camry early in Nov. and in early Dec. I did a 3000 mile trip from WA to NY. Car had about 1000 miles on it at the start and averaged 33.3 mpg for the 3000 miles in temps of -2 to 20 F. Worst mileage was for a tank was about 28 with a ethel mix. Driving was at mostly 70 to 80 mph (indicated - see my speedometer error thread) entirely on Interstate roads (I90 and I80). Only a few hundred miles were slower because of snow and ice.

A few observations:

The new OEM tires grip well in marginal conditions of packed snow and ice.

The car can't be locked with the remote during warm up. I figured out that it could be locked from the back door using a stick to reach the front door electric lock.

The Indigo Ink blue paint sure looks like crap with a layer of salt and road grime on it, but sure looks good cleaned up.

The seat is a bit narrow for my butt! The sides of the seat seem to dig in a bit. I'm not that big; 6' and 200 pounds. My Tercel had a more comfortable seat. For now I'm using a small 1" thick pad that fits in the center of the seat and helps alot.

Car performed well, but is slightly under powered on the rolling hills of the midwest. The transmission would downshift one gear on many hills and 2 gears on the steeper ones. No big suprise; I choose the 4 cylinder for economy. When driving on snow packed roads I had to disengage the cruise control because of worries of hard downshifting causing loss of traction. Downshifting is sometimes a bit harsh and can come at unexpected times. Used no oil, as expected.

The wheels fill the wheel wells quite nicely, but this can lead to the problem of ice build up, in the wheel wells, when driving in snow and slush conditions. It's important to check the wheel wells frequently when driving in these conditions. It's possible to accumulate enough ice to keep the front tires from making a turn or allowing full suspension movement.

I'll update this report in a month or two as I continue this trip and put another 4000 miles on the car.
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