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Hi everyone,

I have a 2006 Corolla CE with a stripped oil drain plug (thanks to the fine gentlemen at the local quick oil change joint). I've been using a butterfly replacement plug, but I don't like the idea of one of them failing and dumping my oil all over the street.

I was looking at the oil pan, and it appears to be a pretty straight-forward job. So, I have the following questions:

1) What kind of sealant would be best to use

2) What is the Toyota recommended torque to tighten up the bolts

3) Are there better bolts I can use than the ones there already

4) Are there any hidden surprises in what looks like a fairly easy job

5) Does anyone have any pointers or advice on how to make the job go smoothly?

I've gotten a lot of good advice so far on this forum - thanks to everyone!


1990 Toyota Camry LE
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1) Black F.I.P.G. from the toyota dealer

2) 9nm or 80 in/lbs

3) Re-use bolts

4) Straight forward, no real surpises

5) Use fresh razor blades to remove old gasket from both surfaces and a can of brake parts cleaner to make sure the block doesnt have any oil on it. Oh take your time. Use jack stands and not a hydraulic jack to support your car while your under it. Dont forget to drain it before you start, and refill it before you start it back up again.

Good luck.
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