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2006 Corolla XRS Hitch?

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hey, im looking at a Red 06' XRS and really like it, but waas wondering if someone makes trailer hitches for them. ive seen corollas at the dirt bike track but i wasnt sure if the XRS requires a special hitch or if you cant get one. im only going to be towing a small trailer with one or two bikes on it.
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06 xrs

didn't know they made an 06 xrs i thought they only had an 05 and the ew 09 nyway i don't recomnd towing nything with a corolla it's a small car and wasn't build to tow sh*t you can try butthe car won't like it. small truck and suvs were made for that not Sport Compact cars
I think the rolla can tow up to 1500 lbs, but I would not do more than 1000 lbs.
the combined weight of the trailer and bike is only maybe 500lbs. and im only driving 20 minutes to the track so i think it should be fine. yea, the make 06' and 05'. i kinda like the 09' but they should have kept the 2zz in it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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