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2006 paint problems?

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Hello all. I done a little searching on paint problems and found a few. My white 06 double cab has some spots on the hood an passanger side door that look dirty or cloudy. I am going to take it to my local dealer and see how far that gets me. Any additional info on this problem would be nice if anyone knows.
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i was told its acid rain or bird crap. also had two spots on my roof that actually started rusting on me from the same stuff. my dealer told me it was not going to be cover 9 times out of ten. only reason i got it painted was because the dealer did not do as they told me they would. i called a complained to Toyota and the next week the truck was in the shop getting painted. 3 days total. mine is also a 06. good luck getting it painted
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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