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2006 Rav 4WD ATF question

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Hi everyone,

We recently hit a deer and did considerable damage to the front of our Rav. The engine seemed OK, but lots of stuff needed replacement in the front, including the radiator. After over 4 weeks we got it back and things seemed fine.

Well yesterday I noticed a small amount (half-dollar size on driveway) of fluid underneath the car that resembles ATF. The user manual gives absolutely no info on checking the ATF. Is there a reason for this? Is the standard method used to check the ATF level? I just want to make sure levels aren't too low before getting it checked out on Tuesday. Thanks,

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Here's the instructions from the service manual...




Drive the vehicle so that the engine and transaxle are at
normal operating temperature.

Fluid temperature:​

70 to 80
°C (158 to 176°F)

(a) Park the vehicle on a level surface and set the
parking brake.
(b) With the engine idling and the brake pedal
depressed, move the shift lever to each position
from P to L position, and return it to the P position.
(c) Take out the ATF dipstick and wipe it clean.
(d) Fully push the dipstick back into the pipe.
(e) Take it out and check that the fluid level is at the
HOT position.
If there are leaks, it is necessary to repair or replace
O-rings, FIPGs, oil seals, plugs and/or other parts.

the fluid should be a cherry red color as well !
frannyces said:
the fluid should be a cherry red color as well !
More like the color of red wine.
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