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Hi All,

New owner of a Camry here and just today my AC decided to quit.

From my amateur diy diagnosis I've found the following:

1. AC switch light turn on and off with steady light
2. RPM rise when AC switch is ON
3. 2nd cooling fan turns on when AC switch is ON
3. AC was working nice and cold this morning on the way to work and stopped blowing cold air on the way home. I would guess if there is a leak the coldness would slowly degrade over time rather sudden?
4. Both AC fuses under the dash are good
5. Apparently there is an AC relay to engage/disengage the compressor however I am unable to find it.
6. Prior to this the engine would rough idle when the AC is switched on, I'm guessing that it goes rough when the compressor is running and as it does not rough idle anymore the compressor is not working?

Thank you heaps!

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First check the belt tension.

Idle increase is normal to compensate for compressor load. Rough idle may mean idle is too low. Normal idle about 650-750, may be little higher with AC.
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