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2007 Camry Unveiled...CheckOut My Pics

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Go to the main page on TN and their is a new thread with all new pics of the 2007 Camry. I submitted them to TN and asked them to create a new thread. It looks nice to me. Also their is an interactive webpage on which features the SE and Hybrid.

2007 Camry Pics

2007 Camry Discussion Link
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Wow. Uglier than I expected. Even with the body kit. Love the interior though.
You really think that's ugly? I don't. You should see some more pics of it although I doubt you opinion would be changed. Go to this link There are 7-pages of pics. The way they took the shots the silver and carolina blue XLE looks nice.
I think that'll be the final of Camry.
LunarMist said:
You really think that's ugly?
Yes. It looks like a cut rate version of L-finesse.
i wish i could say i liked it. :disappoin
it's alright...not awesome but not ugly...just mediocore:ugh3:
Ill reserve judgement on the styling until I see it in person, but that mustard yellow colored fake wood is horrible.
Nice group of pics, now we know what the 07 looks like! Its OK, not overwhelming, but I bet toyota will sell millions of em!
Damn, it looks like a Chrysler product from the front, butt-ugly. Glad we got our '05. Also looks like they are really trying to make it difficult for the aftermarket stereo folks. Good luck making anything look good in that dash.:sosad:

Reminds me of an accord.
^^^^yeah thats what i said... even with the kit it looks odd. like a mazda6 & accordish mix with some matrix in it..

ill add to this: we all said the same thing about the gen5 and most of us ended up liking it in the end...
looks like the scion tc front grill for the red car
Reminds me of an Acura, Volvo, and Chrystler exterior wise... It seems they are trying to appeal to younger croud with those lines, but that front and rear comment. If they keep it up camrys are going to wind up like Honda Civics, COP TARGET!

I like the idea that i drive Grama's car, then blow past people even with a stock motor.
I like the Gen 4 best then the Gen 2.
If there was a Gen 4 wagon, I would trade my Gen 2 for that. So for now I will just look into doing 5spd swap and keeping the old girl.
the lights do remind me of lexus headlights and back
looks too much like every other car out there...
I dont like how the tail lights stick out past flush, they need to make things smooth and clean, not stick out. it looks like manufacturing these in america is finally taking its toll, they should make and design them in japan.

As other people have said they like the erlier camrys best, and those were designed and built in Japan.

I still like Gen 3s the best
I think Gen 3s were the ugliest. I love Gen 5s so I guess I'm the oddball. I love Gen 4s and I pursuaded my grandmother to get a 98 Camry. She had a Gen 2 and I loved it. I don't see whats so bad about the 07. I honestly don't have clue as to what you guys think a dream Toyota should look like. Its complaints no matter what. Its a Toyota not the LS460. Toyota should have a design test and have regular people submit what their dream Camry should look like. Something tells me it would be something as stupid as the car that Homer Simpson had his half brother Hurb build. Something with waaaay too much shit thats waaaaaay too expensive and totally ridiculous.

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1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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