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2007 Corolla Coolant Flush Question

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As per my scheduled maintenance booklet I will be doing my first engine coolant flush at the 100k mark.

My Haynes Repair manual suggests that I remove my thermostat during the flush, which would involve me first removing my serpentine belt and then alternator.

A friend of mine says that removing the thermostat isn't necessary and that having to take all those other steps just to get to it is just a huge hassle.

So my question is, is benefit of removing the thermostat during a flush worth the added time and effort of having to remove and then replace the serpentine belt and alternator?

Thanks to anyone that can help!
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Do not worry about that. Just loosen up the rad cap and the drain petcock valve and drain the thing out. wait for it to drain out. close up the drain and fill the thing up. I recommend a lisle spill free funnel. Just make sure you use the proper coolant Super long life coolant. goodluck
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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