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2007 RAV4 cooling fan high speed not working

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Hi guys, new to the forum, just looking for advice, I’ve just bought a 2007 rav4 auto 4x4, I’m having issues with the radiator fan not engaging, it will work on low speed (both sides) when I press the A/C button but won’t engage the high speed as it should now and then when the engine is hot (hasn’t gone past half on the temp Gauge in car yet touch wood) don’t know if it makes a difference but the A/C is out of gas getting regassed and new compressor this week, now some more info to add I just bought this car that was meant to be mechanically great! Upon purchasing and getting it home from a private sale I noticed the fans were really loud and constantly spinning on high, to my realisation someone has put the fans on the wrong sides so they were blowing not sucking, I also noticed they were plugged in the wrong sides, I then changed that over and turns out one fan had a bad motor and it started smoking and almost caught fire on a drive, so I went and put a whole other assembly and fans on that spins the right way and both fans work, however now it won’t kick in the high speed fan at all, any ideas?
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