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My 2007 Toyota Camry SE has developed and intermittent electric door locking problem. When you try and lock the door from the outside with the key fob, it will intermittently either:
1. beep and lock/unlock all the door
2. beep and lock/unlock some of the door
3. not beep and lock/unlock the doors
4. not beep and lock/unlock some of the door
I have tried 2 different key fob with 3 different sets of batteries, same result.
The inside switch have the same problems (but without the beeping.
When I talked to the dealer, they suggested replacing the PCM/ECM and seeing if this took care of the problem
Does anyone one else have any suggestions?

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Check your door switch at all the doors. It's a black colored rubber switch. Often times, when the switch doesn't close, you won't be able to use the keyless entry.

Push in the switch to see if it's binding. The dust boot is supposed to keep out dirt. It does stick on itself, but it's rare.
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