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2007 Toyota Camry XLE 3.5 electric/fuel Problem problem

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I have a 2007 Camry 3.5 that was running and driving perfect until it died while idling in a parking lot. It would start back up for about 1 to 2 seconds and die immediately. I tried my extra key fob in case it was a security problem, but no change. Check Engine light just came on and its showing Ignition coil C and F are faulty. I went a head and replaced those with New Denso and all new spark plugs, but its still showing same codes. I had my daughter start it and i could keep it running longer wither starter fluid so I know its fuel related. I went a head and changed fuel pump (denso), fuel filter, and strainer. Still same symptoms, starts for 1 to 2 seconds and dies. I do hear the pump come on when it starts though. Anyone that could point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated?
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First verify fuel pressure.
What specific codes are stored?
The codes are P0353 and P0356. I couldnt find a place to hook up a gauge but when i release the fuel line on the pump, it did spray as of under pressure. What else do you recommend?
If you are going to assume fuel pressure good, then test for good ignition signals between PCM and erred coils.
Best done with scope but "noid light" may be good enough.
See for schematics/test procedure.

Coil connectors pins clean/tight?
Security light goes off when key inserted?
RPM indication on scan tool when cranking/running?
No other error codes besides coils?
The strange part is that I could move the Ignition coils around, but the codes never changed.
Thanks for recomendations. Ill check it out. And, yes those where the only 2 codes. I did unplug MAF sensor and a cam sensor to see if it would add or change codes and they did throw codes for those as a test.
"the strange part is that I could move the Ignition coils around, but the codes never changed. "
This indicates that the coil connectors/wires or PCM may be at fault.
Is their a way of testing the pcm or having it reflashed?
At this point best to have a shop help out.
They can test the PCM inputs/outputs/powers/grounds.
Ok, Ill check into it and let you guys know what I find.
Has anyone else had any similiar symptoms or problems with the 2gr-fe (3.5)? And if so what was the problem?
Its fixed! The culprit was a bad ignition coil. For some reason the shops scanner was saying all of the coils were bad. But the mechanic said he he seen this before where only one goes bad but wont allow the car to run. Really strange to me, because I had replaced the 2 that were originally faulty...
Thanks cj1 for all the help and trouble shooting.
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