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Hello Toyota members!!

My 2008 avalon limited has appears Main't Requirement yellow light appears on. What does that mean? Which maintenance do I need to get? oil change? spark plug changes? or air filter?

My car has 42,000 miles and I am the 2nd owner.

Please help. I really appreciate it!!

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Generally speaking that indicates that it has been 5000 miles since your last service. More than likely your car is due for its 40,000 mile scheduled maintenance.

The recommended 40k mile service consists of:
- Oil and filter change
- Rotate tires
- Visually inspect brake linings/drums and disks/pads

(There's more recommended if you tow or run on off-road/dirt)

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Mine just lit up solid today. Only 2nd time since I bought the car. Put 10k on it since November.
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