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2008 Corolla Rear Dash Panel Rattle

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The rear deck panel on my corolla has been rattling pretty badly recently. It happens every time I hit a bump on the road, no matter how small. I like my bass pretty heavy and since the rattling is from rear dash panel right in front of the sub, my friends think it's a by-product of me having the stereo on too loud--maybe all the sound vibrations weakened the plastic or something.

If I took off the panel and dynamatted it, do you think that would help the rattle go away? Or should I take it to the dealership and have it looked at? (and btw, this would be considered "normal wear and tear" in the Warranty exemptions, right?)
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Yeah, I've got 1 and a half years left on the basic warranty. I never knew rattles were covered. My 15k oil change is coming up soon, so if it's covered by warranty, I'll have the dealership take a look while I'm there.
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