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I recently purchased a 2008 Camry SE. Beautiful car, I love it. However in my excitement of purchase I didn't listen to the engine very well.

My question is this, are the injectors in the 3.5l rather loud? I got home and the thing sounds like the connecting rod or wrist pin is bad lol.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. The search engine didn't have any hits, google wasn't much help either

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Toyota has a history of engines being 98 2.4 Tacoma is pretty noisy, valve train 07 V6 Camry has some noise at idle, I think it is valve train, also injector noise. They both run great!!!

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the ticking is just valvetrain noise
its how a toyota 03 SE makes a ticking noise as well, but its simply the noise of the valves....its nothing to worry about, just the engine doing its job

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Is it a problem if I hear that ticking while backing out and turning, or moving forward and turning at about 5mph?

your post is #6, look at post #4
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