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2008 Tacoma Double Cab DEI Window control problem.

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I posted this in the car audio section as well, but wanted to put it here as well because I know someone else on here has at least tried this. I cannot find anyone with an 06 and above that has successfully installed these. I found a few 05's though.
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Are you going directly to the motor in the drivers door? Or are you cutting the wires at the switch and getting motor side, and switch side?

I have not done mine yet, but have done them in other tacomas without any problems. I always go to each door though. This gives you auto up and down from all switches. If you only do it from the drivers door, you only have auto up from the driver.

I always cut my wires at the switch for the switch and at the motor for the motor.

One other thing, what is the date code on your 530t. I had some problems with some, but it was a while back. There is also a tech document on high to adjust the resistance for the windows. I'll look for it for you.

There was a time I did about 10 530t installs a week. It's died down a lot, but I am very familiar.

Hope it helps,

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you say in your post at the12volt you have directechs access.

Try this link. If it doesn't work, let me know and I'll email it to you

Thanks man! I really appreciate finally getting a response. I work at circuit city and can only access directechs through the Circuit City intranet. I dont have an actual login. Can you email it to me? I would really appreciate it. If not I will look it up at work tonight. After my real job.:thumbup:
It's on the way, you should edit your post not to include your email address, that's how spammers get addresses
Awesome man, I really appreciate you.:thumbup:
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